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Fighting Boring Words

Fighting Boring Words
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  • Course Type: Pre-recorded course
  • Company: EDUGET
  • Course Language: Английский

To write English convincingly and clearly, without using banal words - a sign of true skill mastery.

The course "Fighting Boring Words" from the native speaker offers you to learn the equivalents of the commonly overused words in the 25-minute videolecture divided into 5 episodes. It highlights the peculiarities of the stylistically neutral and coloure vocabulary and its usage in writing. You will learn the techniques to avoid monotony in a written speech.

There are 25 activities provided to the videolecture in order you can practise the usage of the new words.

This course does not presuppose issuing any type of Certificate.

Fighting Boring Words
  • "Interesting" in other words
    04m 37s
  • Test 1
  • Most commonly overused words
    04m 54s
  • Test 2
  • "Boring" nouns
    04m 27s
  • Test 3
  • "Boring" verbs
    04m 28s
  • Test 4
  • "Boring" adjectives
    05m 21s
  • Test 5
Fighting Boring Words
Sergiyenko Nataliya
WOW!!! I am your fun, dear teacher! So vivid and bright intonations))) It's captivating)), compelling, amuse! It drives us right to the point how to be outstanding))

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