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10 Minute English Grammar

10 Minute English Grammar

You will get a clear picture of how to use quantifiers, the Past Perfect tense and Adjectives with –ing and –ed endings.

Useful for Pre-Intermediate level and higher.

Watch lessons in any order.


This course does not presuppose issuing any type of Certificate.

10 Minute English Grammar
  • Adjectives ending in -ed and - ing
    03m 57s
  • Past Perfect Tense
    05m 26s
  • Quantifiers
    06m 13s
10 Minute English Grammar
Не то что я ожидал
Гуцол Ігор
не додивився до кінця
Жахлива вимова. Ще й якість звуку страждає. Курс не вартий уваги.
Лазоренко Женя

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