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IELTS Preparation Course

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IELTS Preparation Course

Preparation for IELTS exam may involve different activities: special courses, communication in the English-speaking club, lessons with a tutor, self-preparation in Listening, Reading and Writing. Systematic studies, diverse drills, vast vocabulary, strict schedule, determination and motivation – these are the keystones of good band score in IELTS.

Difficulties that may appear at the exam are usually caused by individual peculiarities of information comprehension, thus group lessons are not efficient enough for a student with English level Upper-Intermediate or Advanced. Refreshing your knowledge and sharpening communication skills require individual work, either with a tutor, or on your own. The course program includes all the main sections of the exam: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, with a special emphasis on writing – as essays, reports and letters usually cause most difficulties even among advanced learners. Every section is provided with additional materials: presentations, useful links, books, completed task examples with explanations of the EDUGET tutor.

IELTS Preparation Course is created for such popular modules of the exam, as Academic (required for entering foreign universities for bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as post-graduate studies); General (for everyday communication, business, emigration and overseas work); and UKVI (visa and emigration, valid only for the UK). Following all the recommendations of the course tutor you can prepare for the exam well enough to get 7.0 band score - which is enough for getting visa and entering most of foreign universities – provided that your English level is Intermediate or higher.

There are such advantages of independent preparation for the exam online: time and energy saving, possibility to study by experienced and certified tutor any time and from any place suitable for you.

The course is taught in English by a certified CELTA, CPE, CAE and TOEFL teacher Olga Drobina, who has prepared more than 100 students for the test with results up to 8.0.

What will you learn on completing the course?

  • What sections and tasks of IELTS there are; what is waiting for you at the exam;
  • How to get ready for every section;
  • What to do and what not to do in every section to get minimum 7.0 score in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

What will you be able to do on completing the course?

  • You will learn how to find answers for the questions of the Reading section quickly, as well as how to manage your time in general;
  • You will learn the secrets and hints for successful passing of the Listening section;
  • You will be able complete the Writing section for a high score and in 1 hour time span;
  • You will know how to communicate correctly with an examiner during the Speaking section, and what is really important for its successful passing.

Who needs the course and what for?

  • The course will be useful for students, under- and post-graduates, who are going to study at universities abroad;
  • Everybody who needs to prove their knowledge of English for different purposes - business abroad, emigration, and work overseas;
  • The course will be helpful for teachers and tutors. 



You can receive a Certificate for taking a course. To receive this Certificate you should complete all Course activities.

IELTS Preparation Course
    09m 31s
  • IELTS exam structure
    09m 49s
  • Presentation from the video
  • Speaking section
    10m 20s
  • Presentation from the video
  • Example answer + explanations
    26m 25s
  • More advice for the Speaking section
    03m 01s
  • A good book to prepare for the Speaking section
  • Listening section
    18m 07s
  • Presentation from the video
  • Preparation tips
    03m 39s
  • More advice for the Listening section
    04m 40s
  • Task before watching the video
  • Reading section
    08m 44s
  • Correct answers for the reading task
  • Presentation from the video
  • More advice
    04m 52s
  • Do this task before watching the video
  • Reports part 1: Line graph, Table
    12m 02s
  • Table report sample
  • Line graph report: about sample
    04m 43s
  • Table report: about sample
    01m 48s
  • Maps report sample
  • Process report sample
  • Reports part 2: Maps, Process
    06m 08s
  • Maps report: about sample
    02m 15s
  • Process report: about sample
    01m 13s
  • Planning your report
    01m 18s
  • Presentation from the video
  • Essays examples
  • Writing section: Essays. Argumentative essay
    14m 32s
  • Argumentative essay: sample
    03m 42s
  • Writing section: Opinion essay
    07m 41s
  • Opinion essay: sample
    01m 22s
  • Question essay: sample
    01m 17s
  • Presentation from the video
  • Letters: examples
  • Writing section: Letters
    11m 18s
  • Presentation from the video
IELTS Preparation Course

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