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English Tenses

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English Tenses
  • Course Type: Pre-recorded course
  • Company: EDUGET
  • Course Language: Английский

If you get lost in the tense forms of the English language and do not always understand which form is appropriate in one situation or another, our course will help you comprehend this topic and systemize all your knowledge at a time convenient to you.

In the course of 5 videolectures a native speaker will give a clear and simple explanation of all the ways to express present, past and future states and actions as well as teaches you to make the correct sequence of them while reporting the opinions of other people. Signal words, vivid examples, tables and schemes provide the easy mastery of the grammatical tense forms of the English language. More than 100 practical activities will help you solidify and systemize your knowledge. To avoid any confusion while communicating in English, you need to express your thoughts with the appropriate tense form in a skilful way. 

The course consists of:

  • 5 videolectures for 15-20 minutes;
  • more than 100 exciting activities to practise the material learned.

You will learn:

  • Present, Past, Future Tense formation;
  • grammatical ways to express present, past and future;
  • lexical means of expressing time (to be about to, to be due to, to be bound to);
  • formation and the usage of the Perfect Tense group;
  • signal words of each tense form;
  • Non-Continuous Verbs (verbs changing their meaning in Continuous tense forms);
  • differences in terms of expressing future actions using Present Simple, Present Continuous and «to be going to»;
  • used to / would / be / get used to;
  • sequence of tenses in indirect speech.

You will be able to:

  • talk about your habits and preferences;
  • to express your desires and feelings correctly;
  • formulate your plans for the future correctly;
  • talk about schedules and pre-planned activities;
  • use an appropriate adverb signalizing of one tense form or another;
  • describe the constantly changing or developing situations, actions;
  • talk about the succession of events in the past;
  • distinguish between finished and unfinished actions;
  • emphasize the result of the completed action or its duration;
  • talk about the habits you had in the past, from which you got rid of;
  • talk about how you've become accustomed to the unfamiliar environment or circumstances;
  • report the words of others - to quote, making the correct sequence of the tense forms.


This course does not presuppose issuing any type of Certificate.

English Tenses
  • Ways of Expressing Past
    11m 11s
  • Activities
  • Ways of Expressing Future
    19m 36s
  • Activities
  • Perfect Tenses
    18m 43s
  • Activities
  • Reported Speech
    17m 16s
  • Activities
English Tenses

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