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Courses On Vacation As A New Trend 97

Courses on Vacation as a New Trend


Being a Harvard dropout, Bill Gates today can spent a few hours watching the best of college lectures just for pleasure. His collection numbers about 200 DVD’s from the Great Courses, which was acknowledged by the “60 minutes” show presenter Charlie Rose who visited Bill’s office.

And the emperor of Microsoft is not the only one who’s interested in collecting and watching university lectures. Retired financial expert and millionaire shares his passion for a refined intellectual pleasure ordering a full collection of more than 500 DVDs on his tropical island.

Computer generation doesn’t really distinguish their leisure time from learning since learning so many new things is so much fun. The popularity of TED Talks lectures, learning vacations and online courses speaks for itself, as it’s becoming trendy to learn not because of usefulness, but rather because it’s exciting, fashionable and high-profile, not mentioning the fact that consumers of such products pay prices that may surprise even members of the Ivy League, the most prestigious USA university.

The purchasers of educating courses are drawn by the opportunity of choosing time and place for lessons as well as a list of subjects or one whole course regardless of the absence of diplomas or certificates on the way out. They take education as a game, entertainment or the new way of spending leisure time bringing positive changes to their lives. There is a new term “edutainment” made from the words “education” and “entertainment”. Vacation courses is a new way of establishing new partnerships that replaces “martini parties” which were popular not so long ago. Everything changes as fast as the vogue of gadgets, and obviously, Bill Gates is the one in the lead of a new trend.