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Extroverts And Introverts Whos Better 83

Extroverts and Introverts – Who’s Better?


Suppose there are two pupils: one is talkative, open, shows emotions, often acts before thinking over likes to spend time with people. Other pupil is quite different: quiet, thoughtful, keeps emotions private, thinks a lot before acting, likes to stay alone.

It is common that at school extrovert type gets better marks than introvert one due to charisma: open, emotional personality rather attracts people, especially when answering orally. When passing test (EIT) in writing still there is no personal communication, and introvert shows sometimes better results. Sometimes achieved success can be unexpected for introverts, still it is quite natural, because he often stayed at home, preparing for exams, systematizing knowledge. And during the tests introvert would hardly look at other people.

At the same time extrovert could come across some difficulties with preparation process: his natural overconfidence could permit noticing learning problems, gaps in knowledge. “Why should I study, I know all this stuff, I’ve got good marks for it,” thinks extrovert and decides to spend time with friends.

What should be done? One cannot change himself, for temperament is like psychological blood group. The answer is obvious: extrovert should find a friend introvert and offer to prepare for the tests together. Introvert lacking attention is likely to agree and will be of great help.

Extrovert likes to chat, so for better exam results he should retell learning material to somebody. And who will listen without interrupting better than introvert? This new quiet friend would be of great help, telling extrovert about weak places in his knowledge. Extrovert in his turn will encourage always doubtful introvert and take him for a walk.

Study via on-line courses is also much more effective when done in pairs: every student watches lecture in his time and tempo, then meet to retell the material to each other, make tests and check results. Competitive and supporting spirit will make much better effect than cramming in a lonely corner.