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How to Become a Programmer in a Top IT-Company

Life Hacks

Nowadays, almost anyone can learn programming. It seems all you need is logical thinking, math skills (especially knowing discrete math), determination in studying programming languages and constant practice.

However, before getting off to conquer a programming peak, make sure your inborn abilities and personality traits will make this journey happen. It is common knowledge if your work is something that brings you joy and inspires you, you are bound to succeed. There are certain hard and soft skills needed for every occupation, for example, self-discipline and thoroughness, diligence, preference to jobs related to sign system, abstract thinking and creative approach. 

If you like to define your key traits it might be a good idea to take a special career guidance test. Surely, opinions of your relatives, friends, as well as your own ideas on where you belong career-wise are of great importance, but to get a more objective viewpoint you should resort to independent assessment of your abilities and inclinations. Career guidance online protects your privacy, saves time for individual counseling, offers broad interpretation of the test, which can be taken away and read several times, which is a substantial advantage when compared to oral counseling.    

Besides, the biggest local and foreign IT-companies have special demands to employees-to-be, so sometimes having programming languages skills and work experience are not enough to get a dream job.

EDUGET asked leading Ukrainian IT-companies how they find top-shelf candidates among thousands of postgraduates.

Leading IT-Companies Share Their Career Advice

Infopulse prefers searching for programmers and other talents at their own training programs and workshops, which are held either by in-house experts or BIONIC University, Ukraine. At the same time, successful students get an opportunity to take part in Infopulse projects under curators’ guidance.

As in most cases, students’ professional experience is viewed as rather basic by the company, that is why candidate’s personal qualities always come first for them. Significant criteria are based on Infopulse’s corporate values which are as follows:

  1. Earn trust
  2. Behave openly
  3. Accomplish more together
  4. Create value for client
  5. Deliver excellence

Personal achievements also play a significant role in this screening. Infopulse takes into consideration participating in and winning academic competitions, hackathons and other events (conferences or any specific contests), as well as making their own projects and coming up with efficient startup ideas.

Besides, Infopulse greatly appreciates such abilities and skills, as:

  • Communication skills;
  • Ability to handle different types of data;
  • Theoretical knowledge and/or practical skills in selected Information Technology fields;

English language proficiency.

Just throwing a glance at the mentioned above expectations, it becomes clear that effective career guidance and future career prospects are deeply connected. So, it comes as no surprise that the company would rather look for a person who aligns with their corporate values, as programming can be taught, while communication skills, the sense of responsibility or proactive attitude could hardly be adopted. This thesis is approved by a blitz interview with Yury Antaniuk, the head of EPAM operations in Ukraine.

How do you select and hire new employees? What qualities do you consider essential for IT specialists?

We have a special selection program in our talent acquisition department. When considering candidates who want to be IT specialists, we look for the right mix of technical expertise and soft skills (including appropriate English language skills). Previous experience in companies similar to EPAM will definitely give a candidate a competitive edge.

What is the current state of the Ukrainian labour market in your opinion?

The local job market is still doing well, but at the same time, it is sometimes difficult to find senior-level specialists as they continue to relocate to other countries.

Why do young specialists on graduating universities have difficulties in competing for their first position?

Unfortunately, local universities don’t always have up-to-date educational programmes, which help graduates find the right job. EPAM provides an additional four-to-eight months of free educational programs for students still doing their graduate degrees. We also give students access to EPAM labs, which helps them become engaged in the process faster.


How to become a programmer and find an interesting job?

1. Get a degree in math.

2. Learn major programming languages.

3. Get experience in a certain IT sphere.

4. Make sure the knowledge is up-to-date, boost your skills if necessary.

5. Improve your English.

6. Strengthen your communication skills.

7. If all previous points are all right, you can apply to one of the leading companies for an internship and/or training.

8. During an internship do your best to stand out.