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Classroom IAQ

Posted by editor on Tuesday, March 30 @ 19:24:34 EST (27 reads)

anonymoususer writes Al Corless writes “Dear Florida teachers,
Because of your involvement with educating children I have taken the liberty of sending you the link below of a short NARRATED ANIMATION, which I hope you will share with other teachers, regarding Indoor Air Quality in classrooms and its’ affect on children.
The animation directs itself to the vent ducts only, but the problem goes much deeper than that. While the ventilation system does emit pollutants into the classrooms the rooms are filled with what is called off gassing. These off gasses are Formaldehyde, Urea, Toluene, Chloride, Mold Spores and others that attack the bodies’ immune system in different ways. Cleaning the vent duct, suggested by the EPA, does not eliminate the problem because even a Hepa filter becomes a breeding ground for the microscopic pathogens (mycotoxins). The remediation attempts by way of tearing out the sheetrock in a polluted classroom or any other structure, if anything, compounds the problem because it releases the mold spores into the air and then the return air duct now transfers them throughout the entire school, making a bad situation worse.
It is disgraceful that the teachers and the students have to be subjected to living each school day in a polluted environment that constantly attacks the immune system and breaks it down over time. There is voluminous scientific evidence that a students learning capacity is diminished in a polluted environment. We have reproduced many of them onto a disc that we would happily share with you.
For more information about the solution please call us at (909) 466-8101 or email me at [email protected].
Respectfully submitted,
Al Corless
Educators Inc.

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Texas Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s

Posted by editor on Monday, February 02 @ 08:23:45 EST (131 reads)

adamrez writes adamrez writes “I am studying the effect of the klan in texas during the 1920s and would be grateful if anyone would get in contact with me if they know family members or friends that had any experiences with the klan, especially any minority groups.
I am researching the klan for my thesis at the university of sussex, england and so am in desperate need for some aid.
thanking you greatly

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Thought you’d like to know

Posted by editor on Wednesday, January 21 @ 16:35:19 EST (32 reads)

anonymoususer writes Anonymous User writes “I think you may be looking for the missing money in Broward and Miami-Dade School Districts in the wrong places.

(1) You need to ask yourself why do School Board Members own a Private Corporation called Miami-Dade School Board Foundation, Inc. that leases buildings to the School District.

Why is the School District paying lease payments on schools that were built and paid for by taxpayer money?

(2) Now ask yourself if the School District sold the school to the Private Leasing Corporation owned, for the most part, by the School Board members, where did the money go from the sale?

(3) Then the Big Question!!! How do you sell a school building paid for with taxpayer money to the Board of Directors of the School District who then go out and borrow out the equity and pledge future COPs to make the payments?

The dollar amount of these transactions is staggering. In Miami-Dade the sale leaseback scheme runs approximately $2 Billion plus dollars per year with COPs pledged on a roll over for ten years equaling $20 billion.

In Broward it is somewhat less only $1 billion per year and $10 billion over 10 years.

This is a lot of money by anyone’s figures. If the lease payments were just portables there is not enough portables in the entire State to spread 3 billion dollars, nor are they enough busses to make this wash.

The schools that are in need of repair never get fixed. The School District do not own the buildings so why should they pay for repairs. The Private Corporation owned by the Board Members own the buildings along with the Bank.

The interest alone on this type of transaction is unbelievable so there is small wonder the schools do not have enough money to give teacher raises or buy proper supplies for the students.”

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Education - General
Happy New Year!

Posted by editor on Friday, January 02 @ 19:42:02 EST (32 reads)

Happy New Year from Teacher Circle!

At Teacher Circle, we hope that you all have a great new year. Start off the new year by sticking to those New Year’s resolutions!

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Florida Teacher Blames Firing on Support for Terri

Posted by editor on Thursday, December 11 @ 17:44:35 EST (32 reads)

christtrekker writes “ChristTrekker writes “Are teachers required to give up their voice, even outside the school? This seems to be what happened in the case of a disabled special education teacher who lost her job after a TV interview in which she supported Terri Schiavo.”

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Social Studies
Social Studies – Learning Centers

Posted by editor on Thursday, December 04 @ 13:58:55 EST (86 reads)

anonymoususer writes Anthony Stratton writes ” I’m a grad student at Ball State, studying elementary education. I recently did a class social studies project with learning centers. The project involved the Muncie economy and why so many companies have moved their factories to Mexico. I had five centers: one was a web site from the children’s section of the BBC, Newsround, one was a video tape called Commanding Heights. It was about NAFTA and I showed them the part with the presidential debate in 1992 with Ross Perot, George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton. The other three were articles about: the Indiana brain drain, shifting to a service economy and jobs that require higher education, and the financial doldrums on the south side of Muncie.
On the upside, many of the students said they really enjoyed this new way of doing class and they appreciated that I tried to help them. On the other hand, as this activity progressed, the children became progressively louder and three of the girls got into quite a row with each other. I was chatting with my science professor. She said being able to work in groups is a skill you have to learn. These children do very little in groups, though the 4th grade teachers work in groups. I’m curious for suggestions on improving this type of acitivity and how to teach upper elementary students about working in groups.
Thank you and have an effervescent day.”

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Zero Patience for Zero Tolerance

Posted by editor on Wednesday, December 03 @ 18:28:42 EST (45 reads)

christtrekker writes “ChristTrekker writes “Wendy McElroy has zero patience for zero tolerance policies that victimize our kids. Maybe they should be called `zero common sense’ policies?”

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Tutors On Wheels – www.tutorsonwheelsny.com

Posted by editor on Saturday, November 22 @ 20:00:41 EST (61 reads)

Tutors On Wheels providea At-Home tutoring in all NYC boroughs. Our tutors are either certified or degreed professionals with tutoring experience. Our sessions are affordable. Keeping the NLB law in mind we want to help all the parents to raise their child’s grades. Our goal is to make NYC smarter and confident.


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Kinko’s Teacher Discount

Posted by editor on Thursday, November 20 @ 10:48:16 EST (63 reads)

DALLAS – November 17, 2003 – In celebration of American Education Week (Nov. 16-22), Kinko’s is making it easier for teachers to save money by extending registration for its free Educator Savings Program to the Internet.

Kinko’s Educator Savings Program gives teachers 20 percent savings on most products and services, thus providing relief for teachers who often dig deep into their own pockets to purchase printing and school supplies for their classrooms.

By visiting www.kinkos.com/educatorsavings, teachers and administrators from kindergarten through college can register for the program and download their free discount card. With the Educator Savings Program discount cards, teachers will save on black and white, color and oversized copies, finishing, posters, signs and banners, paper and select office supplies.

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teacher to teach sign language to my daughter

Posted by editor on Thursday, November 13 @ 01:39:12 EST (40 reads)

anonymoususer writes Anonymous User writes “To Whom it May Concern,
My daughter would like to learn sign language. In sted of
spanish in her school. I can do this the problem is I can’t find a
a program in my area to teach her I live in Middlesex county. I will
be open to have a private person come to my home or go to there’s.
Thank You
Maribeth Iremonger”

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When do you do most of your school supply shopping?



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