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Millennials: the successful generation


Is there any sense in teaming up people based on their year of birth? Given the influence the increasing pace of technology advancement and changing media has on our lives, the answer is yes. Generation Y, also known as millennials, is gradually taken the place of Generation X.

This term was suggested by US researchers William Strauss and Neil Howe, who created the generational theory. They also published the book “Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation” back in 2013.

According to the researchers, representatives of a new generation are characterized by their excessive attention to social life on both local and international levels. Pew Research Center has also underlined a certain detachment from official institutions in favor of friendly ties as a distinctive feature of the generation in its work “Millennials in adulthood”.

83.1 million of Americans may consider themselves millennials. An impressive, yet logical number with 1990’s baby boom in mind.

Seven main features of millennials (as listed by Inc.com)

1. Initiative

67% of millennials aim to start their own business. In fact, they have started a whole new era of start-ups: despite being employed for quite a while to cover tuition fees, future entrepreneurs still manage to find ample time to work on their own projects.

2. Effective multitasking

Being under constant pressure from miscellaneous stimuli and signals of different kinds and purposes, millennials have mastered the art of switching over from one thing to another. Researches show that millenials are able to alternate between information channels up to 27 times per hour even when not at work. Just imagine the fruits of their labor when they are back to the grind!

3. Technical skills

New generation does not need to adjust to new technologies. New generation creates them. 74% of millennials are convinced that technologies make life easier and more satisfying. The term “learning curve” is rarely applied to this generation when it comes to new gadgets or systems: the majority of tools do not take long to be intuitively mastered.

4. Sleepyheads

On average millennials spend their nights sleeping up to 9 hours. They know that sleep is not a waste of time, but a great way to charge their brains and build up a better reaction to ever-changing surroundings.

5. Getting priorities straight

Idealists’ generation, the term that has become synonymous to millennials, avoids wasting too much precious time on overthinking their life goals. They are quick and determined in defining their core values regardless of how they look on the paper. That’s exactly what their success is based on.

6. Result is what matters most

Millennials survive at the workplace primarily thanks to understanding the importance of being flexible. Choosing to work from home or flextime, they enhance their efficiency while knowing how to use technology becomes an effective tool to save their time.

7. Active and ambitious

Ambitiousness is one of their features that draws the majority of accusations. Even after achieving nearly impossible goals, millenials still keep focusing on greater peaks to conquer. And they do conquer them, fearing nothing after growing up in the virtual jungle. So do not pick on selfie-fanatics and web-junkies – these kids are ready to turn the world upside down.