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Changes in ACT, SAT I offered

Posted byzolik on Friday, May 17 @ 15:19:15 EDT

Contributed by zolik

BayArea.com reports that revised ACT, SAT may soon be offered at the University of California.
The proposed changes come largely under pressure from UC President Richard Atkinson, who shook-up higher education circles nationwide last year when he called for elimination of the SAT I as an admissions requirement. His controversial stand is based on his belief that the SAT I fails to correlate with success in school, and it has created an industry of test-preparation courses that place little emphasis on learning.

You can’t argue with his second point.

The proposed changes for the SAT I include a new writing section, tougher math questions and a vocabulary section that stresses learned vocabulary rather than analogies. Strengthened writing requirements also are being contemplated by designers of the ACT.

Do you think that the SAT I and ACT are adequate, or do changes need to be made?