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Homeschoolers Prevalent in National Spelling Bees

Posted bybailey on Wednesday, May 22 @ 00:07:22 EDT

Contributed by bailey

The Final Round of the 2002 National Geographic Bee will take place on May 22 at National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C. The 55 finalists are composed of the state and territory winners. This year, 12 of the 55 finalists at the National Geographic Bee are home-schooled, according to an article on the Washington Times.

The fact that so many of the finalists are home schooled is pretty amazing. Home school proponents argue that students who learn at home tend to be more motivated than others in more traditional school settings. This statistic is good PR for those who support home schooling.

In case you are interested, the Bee finals will air first on the National Geographic Channel on May 22 at 6 p.m.