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Charter Schools Lose Battle

Posted byzolik on Monday, May 27 @ 15:59:41 EDT

Contributed by bailey

An article in the Washington Post reports that the D.C. Court of Appeals cleared a legal path allowing the District of Columbia school board to shut down two public charter schools. The court ruled that the board’s procedure of holding its own hearings on the schools’ shortcomings did not violate D.C. law or the U.S. Constitution.

Board members claim that the two charter schools have failed to provide adequate programs to students. The board alleges that both of the schools violated a number of regulations. In addition, they fail board claims that both charter schools failed to provide services they promised when they were granted their charters.

This is an important case, since charter schools are independent of the traditional school system, but charter schools accountable for reaching their goals and following the law.

The story is also covered in the Washington Times.