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Technology In The Classroom
Chalkboards Going the Way of the Dinosaur – Whiteboards Are Taking Over

Posted byzolik on Sunday, June 02 @ 23:46:14 EDT

Contributed by zolik

Whiteboards, while common in the business world, are not common in the traditional school setting — chalkboards fill the classrooms in the U.S. While the old-fashioned chalkboard remains a fixture in most classrooms, the chalkboard is being left out of new school designs. New and remodeled schools are being outfitting with whiteboards, and in some cases, coincide with new high-tech devices that turn them into ‘virtual computer screens’.

One advantage of whiteboards is the lack of annoying chalk dust. The is extremely useful for those who have allergies.

Another advantage is that it can be combined with other technologies, allowing teachers to save their work on the whiteboard, or surf the net and allow the whole class to view.