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Technology In The Classroom
Teachers Rely on Students to Keep Computers Running

Posted byzolik on Sunday, June 09 @ 23:07:48 EDT

Contributed by zolik

According to a new study by the
National School Boards Foundation, more then half of the schools (54%) depend on their students for technical assistance for computer systems.
The study was conducted with 811 technology decision makers of public school districts (elementary and secondary schools). The study also showed that 69 percent of new teachers are either average or novice at computer work.

It isn’t surprising that student are quick to learn new technology, but it is surprising how many schools depend on ‘techie’ students to keep their computers up and running. If you think about it, this situation has a side benefit — many schools may not have the resources for technical support and have no choice but to rely on students. Students in turn are forced to improve their computer skills.

Are you relying on students to maintain the computers at your school?

The story is also covered on
CNN Student News, and the full text of the study can be obtained here.