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Muslims Are More Apt To Home School Children

Posted byzolik on Monday, July 29 @ 17:31:42 EDT

Contributed by zolik

The Washington Times has an interesting article on how Muslims are quickly turning away from public education and are choosing home schooling as a means to educate their children. According the article, Muslim Americans are becoming one of the fastest growing minority groups within the national home-schooling movement.

The article points out that there is a value clash between public-school teachings and Islamic beliefs. As a result, many Muslim parents choose to educate their children independently. Christians, which make up 75 percent of the nearly 2 million children who are home-schooled, also home school their children because of a difference in philosophy or values. However, Muslim home schooling is much centered on religion, which relies heavily on the Koran.

One Muslim home-schooling advisory organization is www.ArabesQ.com.