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State Expands Vision

Posted byzolik on Saturday, August 03 @ 14:13:35 EDT

Contributed by zolik

The Sacramento Bee reports that for the first time ever, the blueprint for California’s education system includes guidelines for K-12 schools. Historically, the blueprint was reserved for colleges and universities. Officially called the Master Plan for Higher Education, the blueprint is a governing document that has shaped and detailed policies for the state’s college systems since 1960, and is typically revised every decade.

The blueprint for California’s education system was unveiled Tuesday, and is the culmination of a 3 1/2-year effort by lawmakers and education officials.

The new plan has sections on access, affordability, achievement and accountability. There are also some controversial recommendations — according to the Sacramento Bee article, there are recommendations to redefine who’s in charge of the state’s education system. A draft plan calls for an expanded role for the governor, who would have the ultimate authority and responsibility over K-12 and preschool.

Sounds very similar to New York Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to take control of the New York City school system.