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Special Education
Labeled Retarded…

Posted byzolik on Wednesday, August 07 @ 18:32:28 EDT

Contributed by gardn02

gardn02 writes “A young girl with Cerebral Palsy was placed in my 2-3 year old room, although she had skills that far outweighed a 2 year old’s comprehension. I discussed this issue with the director who informed me, “Katie’s a lost cause. She’s retarded and can’t do anything.”
Needless to say I was dissatisfied with the answer. I began to do an indepth look into Katie’s files. After looking extensively through her records, I learned Katie was above average in school and could read on a 3rd grade level. I called Katie’s teacher at the public school and I learned that Katie had an IEP for the school year.
It became quite clear to me that the director of the daycare wanted nothing to do with Katie. To put Katie in my room and label her “retarded” was basically passing the buck. I explained to the director that leaving Katie in my room was a disservice to her and could eventually cause harm in the long run.
Katie was immediately moved from my room to the afterschool program for ages 6 and up. She excelled higher than anyone’s expectations. I no longer work for that particular organization, but rest assured Katie change my teaching career for life.”