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Teachers Promote Students to Next Grade Although Children Fail Reading Requireme

Posted byzolik on Sunday, August 25 @ 22:14:05 EDT

Contributed by zolik

How you ever been faced with the dilemma of having to decide whether or not you should hold a child back? Tough decision isn’t it? It probably seems a lot easier to move the child on to the next grade than to deal with the additional paperwork and then face the child’s parents. But you may not be doing the child a favor!

In Florida, things are getting tougher on teachers with pushing children through the education system. Teachers now have to document thier evidence of why they recommend promoting children to the next grade level when the child fails the FCAT reading test. In the Miami-Dade County of Florida, 42% of the children fail the test, but on 1.4 % of the children are held back.

The issue of social promotion has been debated for years. Critics claim that it hurts students by passing them along, denying them a foundation they need in later grades. Defenders of the practice say many students catch up on their own, and that holding students back can do more harm than good. In this case, are the tests too hard, or are the teachers not doing their jobs?