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Schools urged to join in “Pledge Across America”

Posted byeditor on Sunday, September 15 @ 22:01:58 EDT

Contributed by dadams

dadams writes “The president’s USA Freedom Corps, an effort to promote volunteerism and public service, is currently
hyping a synchronized national recitation
of the Pledge of Allegiance at 2 PM EDT on Constitution Day, September 17. The PAA was created by Celebration USA, a California non-profit. State Departments of Education are urging schools across the country to interrupt the regular school day to join in this bizarre mass incantation.”

Note From the Editor: Based on the submitor’s comments, the author of this submission appears to not be in favor of a synchronized national recitation. Some people are against it on grounds it violates a separation of church and state. Many people are all for it since it attempts to promote unity as Americans. What do you think? Is your school going to participate in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance on Tuesday?

We would like to hear your opinions…