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More Young Females May Have ADHD than Previously Thought

Posted byzolik on Saturday, October 05 @ 21:06:23 EDT

Contributed by zolik

A new study finds that ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, may be more prevalent in young girls than people realize. In addition, the study finds that ADHD is harder to diagnose in females than in males.

A big part of the problem is that young females with the disorder react differently than males do. Fidgety, overly aggressive little boys who can’t sit still in class or follow directions often get labeled as having ADHD. Young females with ADHD, however, have more trouble focusing and were more likely to tease peers and act aggressively than other girls. And many of them — more than their male counterparts — were socially isolated and found it hard to make friends.

Maybe this study will keep girls who may have the disorder from being overlooked – girls tend to get diagnosed two to four years later than boys.