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Special Education
Vouchers for Special Education

Posted byzolik on Monday, November 18 @ 23:14:59 EST

Contributed by zolik

The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article about one way the the Republicans will use their recent political success – they will be using their new strength to push for taxpayers to pay for 6.5 million special-education students to attend private schools. The bill was talked about before – now New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg plans to present it before Congress.

In July, a presidential commission made recommendations on reforming the 1975 federal law on special education. It found the current system “often places process above results, and bureaucratic compliance above student achievement, excellence, and outcomes.”

As Congress moves to revise that law next year, it should look seriously at Senator Gregg’s voucher idea as a possible necessary next step toward reform.

If passed into law, this would allow parents of children with special needs a better choice for the child’s education. But will this cost too much? Let us know what you think.