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Social Studies
Peru Project Integrating Technology

Posted byeditor on Sunday, December 08 @ 20:48:00 EST

Contributed by blossom

Blossom writes “Age: Fourth-Fifth grade

My social studies curriculum is geography, and when I was putting together a unit on Peru, I came across some informative and interactive sites for the children to use in small groups to do research. I thought I would share these sites.

Virtual Tour of Peru for Kids has an online quiz, interactive page with words and phrases in Quechua, an official language of Peru, and interactive maps.

Sites for Amazon Rain Forest:

Animals of the Amazon Rain Forest

People of the Amazon Rain Forest

My students favorite site was Actual South American fourth and fifth graders of the Amazon sharing class projects on the animals and plants of the Amazon Rain Forest.

Nazca lines of Peru:

Nazca lines

What is the meaning of the Nazca lines?