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New Dates For Zno 2016 375

New Dates for ZNO 2016


The Cabinet of Ministers has appointed Vadym Karandy as the director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. After Igor Lykarchuk, a former director of the center, has resigned, Vadym Karandy became the acting director of UCEQA.

UCEQA also announced test dates for ZNO 2016. Tests in 12 subjects, namely Ukrainian Language and Literature, the History of Ukraine, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, English, Spanish, French, German and Russian, will be held from May 5, 2016 till July 10, 2016. Applicants can choose up to 4 different subjects. Results of the Final State Examination in Ukrainian Language and Literature and History of Ukraine or Mathematics at the choice of an applicant will be applied towards ZNO results.