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What Is Zno And How To Get Into University 409

What is ZNO and how to get into university


ZNO or External Independent Evaluation is a chance for talented, intellectually curious and hardworking students to get into a university.

Here is how it all works. Prospective students choose a programme they are interested in and find their dream university, by either looking through university rankings or maybe following the advice of their family and friends. Each university has its own entry requirement. Although requirements may change with time, these changes are hardly ever drastic. Thus, you can always look up entry requirement for a previous academic year. Entry requirements for each programme say which subjects you need to take tests in. Pay attention that starting from 2015 Ukrainian Language and Literature test is divided into two levels – basic and advanced. If Ukrainian Language and Literature is one of your majors, you should take advanced ZNO test. Basic level is well enough for other programmes. Total score you get for all the tests taken determines where you stand in relation to other applicants and what your chances are to have state-funded education.

In 2016 ZNO will be held on different dates. Tests for high school graduates will take place from May 5, 2016 till May 30*, 2016. It will be Final State Examination in Ukrainian Language and Literature and History of Ukraine or Mathematics at the choice of an applicant held in the form of ZNO. It means that the results of ZNO are to be accepted as final school exams and university entrance exams. Apart from that, there will be Final State Examination in foreign languages, but not in the form of ZNO.

In the period from June 1, 2016 till July 10, 2016 high school graduates will take tests in all other subjects, which include Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, English, Spanish, French, German and Russian.

Free online mock tests are a great way to start preparing for ZNO.

Studying for the test in different ways leads to better results: self-study, preparatory courses at your chosen university and online ZNO courses.

ProZNO courses offer a comprehensive approach to studying: pre-recorded lectures with prominent Ukrainian teachers, who are authors of numerous school textbooks and methodologies, various tests to check your knowledge and online classes with a teacher whom you can ask any question in a live chat.

*According to the new dates, exams will last until 10th of July ( Editorial comment 27th Oct. 2015 )