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Where To Invest Money 381

Where to Invest Money?


The first private commercial bank was founded in Kiev October 20, 1868. One of the creators and managers of Kiev private commercial bank was Anatoly Gudim-Levkovich, the board of councils included sugar tycoon Lazar Brodsky and his brother Lev Brodsky and a banker David Margolin.

Today the decision where to invest money is a burning issue, as all traditional investments have become risky.

Foreign currency

For years it has been the most popular investment. But here is the question: where do you keep it? Hidden under your bed? It is not safe for your family. Put it on your bank account? The chances are that instead of foreign currency you will get hryvnias. Let us not even think of the worst-case scenario.


There is a possibility that there will be much less banks present in Ukraine as the financial system of the country will get better. The first half of the year 2015 was marked by 50 banks going bankrupt and there are more to follow. Moreover, interest earned in a savings account is considered to be a taxable income. Thus, it might be a good idea to invest money in international top-rated banks but the interest rate will not cover inflation.

Real property

House, flat or land was always a good way to save and even accumulate more money. Nowadays, on the one hand, it is the right moment to buy real property because a lot of construction projects are frozen but the demand for it is bound to increase. Apart from that, prices have dropped dramatically and it seems to be the right time to make a long-term investment. On the other hand, real property is a non-liquid asset. You will require a significant amount of time and effort to sell this property and convert it into cash.

Precious metal

Thinking of investing into gold? What will most probably happen to you in a Ukrainian bank when you buy an ingot is that you will get a piece of paper proclaiming you to be the proud owner of an ingot but you will have to wait while your bank byes this ingot for you. There is a limited availability of gold on the market. Moreover, you would have to think where to keep it without putting your family at risk. Do not forget that gold, alike real property, is not so easy to quickly convert into cash.

Shares and securities

They are a good investment for those of you who own factories and ships. For the rest of us, this money will be hardly enough to pay the broker for their services.

Saving plans

On the one hand an offer to save money for your retirement or a major purchase sounds appealing, but on the other hand even if you invest money into a well-established foreign savings fund, you will not feel 100% protected.

Investing into your personal development

The proverb says money spent on the brain is never spent in vain. In today’s world with one crisis after another these words ring true. Investing into yourself – let it be health, sport, appearance or, on top of everything, knowledge and skills – is building a capital that no one can take away from you. With the help of your knowledge and skills you can achieve whatever you want in life. Online education has obvious advantages for people who stay up-to-date. Online education stands for accessibility, mobility, flexibility and a wide range of courses and teachers.