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Yeast Yields The Secret Of A Long Life 377

Yeast Yields the Secret of a Long Life


Cell Metabolism journal has recently published the research of the yeast genome. Scientists were trying to identify genes that affect cell lifespan. They were interested not in the temporary duration but rather in cell division – how many daughter cells a mother produced before it stopped dividing.

Scientists began a painstaking process of deleting genes and their combinations from cells receiving in the end 4698 alternatives of genetically modified yeast strains. 238 genes have affected cell division. Deleting the gene called LOS1 gave exceptional results – the replicative lifespan of cells was incresed by 60%.

Brian Kennedy explains why the results of this research are important for extending lifespan. The aging process is associated with cells’ death, thus cells’ ability to regenerate can slow this process down. It is worth noting that almost half of the genes studied are conserved in mammals’ DNA as well. Scientist can manipulate these genes by providing us with medications that can hinder the aging process.